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Our Lodge Room


Since 2010 our lodge has undergone a transformation.  Over 160 thousand dollars was invested by our members to bring the lodge back to its roots with an heir of antiquity.  From reinstating the 11' ceiling and hardwood floors to having created custom etched glass windows, the work done has transformed our lodge.  Golden Star houses a custom stained glass collection of Masonic symbols.  The electric lesser lights have been replaced with rod iron custom candle pillars.  No effort was spared, with hundreds of volunteer hours ensuring not only will the lodge be structurally sound, but its beauty will reflect the beauty in freemasonry.

Barrier Free Access:

Our members decided that it is better to be proactive and invested thousands to gut and replace our washrooms and add two additional gender specific handicap washrooms.  We also added a new side automated entrance.   Our building now exceeds Provinical legislation in regards to access.

The Windows:

Our windows were boarded up in the early 1980's.  The cost to replace the windows at the time was prohibitive so the simple solution was to insulate and board them up.  We took a creative approach to reinstate windows by offering to etch custom symbols and designs on the glass with sandblasting.  Each window was individually donated by a member and their legacy will remain etched in glass. 

The Lodge Room:

A major undertaking.  Our roof was weeping water for years wreaking havoc in the structure.  Not only did we gut and repair the roof, we raised the lodge room to its skeleton and completely rebuilt it.  Mostly volunteer labour and 100% self-funded this project exceeded expectations.


Stained Glass:

The crown jewels of our lodge are a collection of stained glass panels.  Each was individually donated by members and depicts Masonic symbols, events and people. 

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